Tuesday, January 13, 2009

January aprons

are finally photographed. They have been done for a few days, but I was waiting til I took pics of them to post about them. The red valentine reversible one is my prototype, but the pattern only comes in one size---and it is small---will have to see what size partner I get, as to whether this will be done for the swap. It is really cute and sassy and flirty---the other one is not.
On a more cheerful note---look at my weather widget!!! It is 27 above right now!!! Sing with me....We're having a heat wave, a tropical heat wave!!


Anonymous said...

Something is very wrong here... Alaska 32... Missouri... 3..... LOL

I love the Aprons!! I really like that Valentine reversible one.

Jody said...

Thanks Jan--and it is now +40 at my house--we are like the Wicked Witch of the West--we're melting!!LOL