Saturday, January 24, 2009

apron swap news

Well, the apron is done for my partner--just need to pick up goodies to go with it. That won't happen until Tuesday when I have a day off.

Beelicious has an etsy store--cute vintage patterns and good stuff--check it out.

Tonight when I closed up the shop, a moose calf from last spring wanted to help. I could have touched him nose to nose if the glass in the door hadn't been between us! My sister in Minnesota said other ladies worry about criminals when they close up in the dark--I have to watch for moose!! He was very cute, grunting and looking in ALL the front windows. (I did not let him in!)

Picked up another cute apron pattern at the shop today--another sample coming up! This one will be easy---it was written by a quilter, not a seamstress!!

Almost forgot--we had an earthquake this morning--big enough to make the news in Minnesota--my sister called to be sure I wasn't buried under the house!!


Turtles In Alaska said...

we had an earthquake? Wow where was I? HEY where are the pics???

Anonymous said...

Glad you are not buried under the house!!!! Baby moose?! Did you take him home to play in the sprinklers next summer?!! Can't wait to see the next apron!!!