Thursday, January 8, 2009

It's COLD!!!

I have been hibernating--it's too cold to do anything but the basics! I'm very thankful for a garage and remote start for my car!! Took DH to the airport this morning--he'll only be gone 1 week this time--he's changing shifts. The man child will be home tomorrow, so I'll only be home alone for one day. But he doesn't cramp my quilting style like some (who will remain nameless!!) do!
Speaking of which, I need to get out to the studio and get a prototype made of the apron I'm planning on making for the flirty/sassy swap. It will be very cute if things go according to plan!
Will also take my camera out.

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Anonymous said...

at -24 according to your widget... you would have to get me a battery operated heated jump suit to get me out of bed LOL I hope your apron goes well!!!!!!!