Sunday, June 27, 2010

Fabulous ink class

I attended a great class taught by Trish Stuart today. She will be teaching 4 more classes, as our Quilting on the Kenai featured artist and teacher. She is the nicest lady---a lot of fun and my kind of gal! I didn't get a photo of any of my attempts (After I get them closer to a finish--and much more practice!! you MAY see them). Here are just a couple: There were 21 ladies in the class, and as you can tell, there were a few artists in the group!
I'll tell you about the Art to Wear Fashion Show at a later date. I'm hoping to snag a photo from someone that was there as a spectator. I was one of the many models and have to say, one of my outfits was......well, you'll have to wait!!!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Gertie's Playground

Well, it's not done, but it is what it is!! The space in front of her that is now housing a table and my ironing board will be my scrap booking counter eventually. I think the rest will work as is, if not, it can be rearranged except Gertie is in the only space that she will fit!

Gifts part II

I have been sloughing off on the blog updates. Mea culpa! Here are the photos promised eons ago. Fabulous souvenirs, huh?!? My sister loves me. The gown feels wonderful, as only silk can, and it's cut on the bias, so just flows . The pearls are drop dead gorgeous. I admit it, she spoiled me!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Gifts galore!

I have been blessed with goodies in the mail! From my SIL (the one we saw in Houston in
April) I received these cute Flamingo corn stickers--but as she suggested, I am gonna put them in my plants so I can enjoy them.
And from my sister, I received this VERY CUTE bag and souvenirs from China, which will be shown in another post. (They are very awesome!) So I scored big time . I'm smiling.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Oh! For crying out loud!!

It's June 7th!! Already! I have been busy setting Gertie up ( or rather DH has!) and working 3 days a week to get ready for the Quilting on the Kenai Quilt Show. Also found a home for Henrietta--she now lives with the nice ladies from Kenai Piecemakers who make charity quilts.
Photos of my rearranged studio will happen once I get it organized and clean. Gertie is a much bigger girl then Henrietta--the 2 feet in length is nothing compared to her extra large girth!!!