Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Heading south

that would be me, not Florence or Floyd!! I will be visiting my sister for 2 weeks.
So today I am washing clothes, packing, stopping the mail, giving the house key to a friend so she can water plants AND I made an apron for a swap that is due this weekend, and delivered it to Becca!! What are the chances of me getting her as a partner for 2 different swaps at the same time!! poor thing, this time i wasn't so pleased with the results but she loves me anyway!! So I didn't take a picture as I ran it from the sewing machine straight to her house.
I will check in once in a while, I hope, but Kim will keep me busy! See you when I get back.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Spring Stroll

Join me on a journey in my neck of the woods!! The clump to your right is my beautiful bleeding heart---use your imagination!! The tracks in the snow lend a nice, warming touch.

The story behind Floyd and Florence Flamingo goes like this:: Floyd was tired of Florence' continual nagging and decided to take off for Florida for the winter and let her stew in the snow by herself. She would get very lonely and decide to treat him nicer when he returned. However, before he could implement his plan, a moose knocked him off his legs!! Of course, Florence couldn't help him cuz she didn't know he was buried under all that snow. Sadly, as the snow melted and she saw him laying there, legless, she hardened her heart and left the feckless, faithless male there!! The End.

For my sister

Thursday I made this Fat Quarter Apron for my sister who also has an apron addiction. (You will notice the stripes are vertical for the slimming illusion!!--actually that's just the way the FQ is cut!) I will hand deliver it to her when I fly down next Thursday---must get organized! Yeeks!!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009


I got Becca but good today!! She was my fiesta apron swap partner. Here is a flat photo--she will post one with her in it. It was very fun to make it for her, since I know her so well!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Another project done

This bag is destined to be another shop sample--had to get it done today to take to work tomorrow--very easy to make! I added pockets inside. I can't live without places to put all my little stuff that falls to the bottom of my purse to disappear forever--especially my phone. It always goes to voice mail just as I find it!!

Spoiled rotten

That's me!! After church DH made me a beautiful, tasty cappachino. (Before church he made me an Americano) I know, it's tough being loved and adored!!LOL. But I'm just the gal to be able to take it.