Sunday, April 25, 2010

What goes bump in the morning?

As I was getting ready for church this morning I heard something bump against my bedroom wall. Looking out the window I was eyeball to eyeball with a yearling bull moose. (I could tell he was a he by his antler bumps!) I grabbed the camera and stepped out onto the deck. Of course that spooked him, and Mama and sibling joined in the mass exodus! " Which way should we go?? She's pointing a camera at us!!!"

I'm Back

Just a quick note before church. Texas was warmer than here--but breezy on the gulf, and of course, i packed for WARM!! But we had a good time and enjoyed ourselves! This is a photo of where we stayed in Kemah.
The second day there we did the amusement park--the Bullet (wooden roller coaster) was awesome--rode it many times! On one of the treks up to it, DH stepped on my bare flip flop shod foot. He stopped to turn to me and I kept going. It still hasn't healed enough for me to wear a shoe ( my baby toe was scalped and the next one is sporting a black and blue spot where it attaches to my foot). So the 5 pair of shoes I hauled down there with me stayed in the closet while I wore the clod hopper flip flops everywhere!! So the evening out outfits weren't worn either--are you feeling sorry for me yet?!? Then on the morning we were leaving (4:00 AM) He did the exact same thing on the exact same place!!! Now, may I have cheese with my whine? So here in the snow covered land called home, my feet are exposed!
More adventurous tales will follow!

Monday, April 12, 2010

And she's off!

No, not off my rocker...well, no more than usual! DH and I are headed to Houston tomorrow--a combination visit and business. DH's sister lives in Houston and his company is sending him down to tour a plant they do business with, so we are going a week early to see Lynn. I am hoping for nice weather, but as DH say's "Even the rain is warm in Texas during the spring". (It is NEVER warm here--not even in summer!!!). So I'm taking my lily white body and hoping to catch a few rays!! I keep telling myself white is healthy even tho it looks like death!! I'd rather be tan!! One good thing is that I do tan quickly and if sensible, don't burn.

So I will be gone for awhile--unless I snitch DH's notebook when he's not looking!

Friday, April 9, 2010

Recipe was wrong

I hate that!! DH likes the bars ok--I don't like them at all. #1. I don't like chocolate, but a thin layer on a butterfinger is tolerated. #2. They are a cookie/cakey type bar--NOT a butterfinger. Oh, recipe.....

Thursday, April 8, 2010

The home front

is starting to feel like spring--now if only the snow would GO AWAY!! Nothing exciting is happening here--had a deep muscle massage, so will be sore tomorrow. After church last night DH put together one of his thoughts--squash soup . I was the assistant (which only means I did the grunt work--washing, chopping etc!) But it is smelling fabulous and I will now attempt to make butterfinger bars. Supposedly they will taste like the candy bar. We'll see.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

New hair do

as per your request, Queen Becca:

Still snowing

so I finished another quilt, after spending a couple of hours getting beautified. Well, my hair get some attention! This used fat quarters and will be a gift as a baby girl quilt. There are a few ladies at church who are expecting--children, that is! this one was a fast no-brainer and as I have no baby quilts tucked away, I must mush. ( By the way, I am now blonde--lots of highlights!)

Monday, April 5, 2010

Ain't Spring Grand?!?

This is what's happening here today. and playing with my new iTouch. and working a tad on a binding. and reading. A very satisfactory lazy day with DH, who finally came home!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Baby Quilt

shop sample is done--a new pattern by Maple Island Quilts. I almost have a fat quarter baby quilt done--just have one more side of binding.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

April 1st happenings

Well, first off, DH wasn't April fooling me--in fact, he may have to stay until Sunday. I wonder if the flights are operating on Easter?
So here is what I've been doing instead of making my bed (the sheets are ready to put on!)
Three baby quilt kits were made up for our church's crafter's retreat the end of this month, baby girl backing pieced and top loaded on Henrietta, and tiny triangle left overs ready to press and trim. Those I brought into the house to work on in found time. The mosiac top only needs the top borders added and it will go into the pile that needs quilting, but it may wait awhile since it looks like fall and I want to quilt maple leaves in the big square spaces.
Now I think I'll have a cup of tea and read awhile!

April Fool's

Every year since we've been married (27 years in May), DH has pulled an April Fool's joke on me and succeeded except for the last 2 years. I may be slow, but I ain't dumb!. So I knew he'd call me from the Slope with one and since he's 'sposed to be coming home tonight, I knew what it would be, right?? Right! Well, he called and told me his alternate called in sick and he would be staying over one day. Yeah, right. Well, he swears it's true--if it's not, he'll get his when I don't show up at the airport tonight to get him---but he will have "got me" once again! So, just in case, I'd better not put off the last day cleaning!!! (Thanks to Flylady, it will take less than one hour, but I DO have more important things to do--like quilting another lap that's loaded on Henrietta! and reading blogs!!!)