Saturday, March 21, 2009

Weekend happenings

equal working (or playing in fabric). We are redecorating the shop--quilts and bolts of fabric being moved and hung--very fun for me, since I am into both---decorating and fabric, that is!!
I am taking Monday off--am going to Anchorage to spend 3 days with DH. Company is sending him to a 3 day school, so I am driving up tomorrow night to join him. ( He's flying down from the Slope). While he's getting smart, I will be shopping, lazing, reading, putting a binding on a king size customer quilt, shopping, .....oh, did I say that already??!?I'll ask DH to bring his notebook, so I can keep up with all my favorite peeps. I'll have my cell, Bec. Hint, hint!!

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Anonymous said...

Have fun!!! And always remember if all the shopping loot won't fit in the car, you can ship it home!! :-)