Thursday, March 12, 2009

Thank you, dahling!

Aunt Pitty Pat just warmed the cockles of my heart!! Look at the award she bestowed upon me!!
(To your right under my project list) So I must list 5 addictions and pass it on to 5 bloggy friends:
1. DH (Dear Husband) 2. quilting 3. fabric 4. coffee 5. (this will come as a shock!!) gobstoppers.

And the 5 bloggy friends:
1. Becca 2. Jan 3. Martha 4. Valerie 5. Vicki

I don't know how to do the link thingy, but they are on my sidebar--check them out!

Thanks again Marcel!!


Turtles In Alaska said...

Ahhhhhhhhh Jody! I am going to wait to post my new award after my blog makeove. So dont think I forgot!

Anonymous said...

Why thank you dahling!!!! :-D I will post mine this afternoon!!! :-D

Vicki W said...

Thanks so much!