Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Road conditions

were awful coming home from Anchorage last night!! It was raining, then snaining, and finally snowing and blizzardy. Thank goodness DH was driving, not me! The slush was at least 4 inches deep--that stuff really wants to sling you all over the road. I'm very thankful for an all wheel drive vehicle. Once we hit snow, it was easier going--4 inches of snow doesn't try to do the steering!! And DH can drive !!! Mario Andretti has nothing on him. (Am I showing my age here??)

And when I got on the computer, I find Aunt Pitty Pat has been playing tag! But that will have to wait for another time---must get some things done that are under a deadline and I have to think to play....Don't hold your breath, Becca!!!!

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Smiles! Becca said...

You would miss me if I did!