Thursday, November 6, 2008

Play day

After taking DH to the airport stinking early, I came home and read emails and checked out blogs with coffee in hand.
Then went out in the cold ( actually it was fairly nice--36 degrees above) to the studio to play. This is the messy sight that greeted me, so had to do a little ( very little) picking up.

Then cut out the tablerunner for a class I'm taking Monday night. Had to get it done today since Friday, Saturday and Monday are my work days and I didn't want to be rushing around on Sunday to get it done. Here are the main fabrics I'm using.

Then went to a first showing of a friends quilts at Kaladi Bros., came home and finished the binding for a customer's quilt, so when I get mine from Becca. i can get started on its binding--hooray!


Anonymous said...

Those fabrics are wonderful! Can't wait to see the table runner!! LOVE the studio!!

jodybob said...

thanks, Jan--the studio was a gift from DH--the top floor of his shop and finished WAY before his (in fact his still isn't done!)

Smiles! Becca said...

oooooh you are right that fabric is yummy! How did Jans Show go?