Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Quilt class

last night was fun--we were doing a Judy Niemeyer tablerunner. So all day since noon until now, I've been making units---and still have 8 flying geese units to make!!! They are very easy to do, but time consuming ! Next Monday night we put them together--if the units are done!!

Poor Dudley--he has to go a little longer in pieces! Becca and I are making HUGE stuffed turtles from a Pine Needles pattern and since I'm such a wimp about sewing (not quilting!!) we are doing them together so she can tell me what to do. It's her only chance to do that when I will listen!! (Not really). So Dudley Do-Something and Crush will have to wait--but it's not like they have a deadline or specific purpose--we just like them!


Anonymous said...

Oh that table runner looks cool!! I love your turtles!! I bet those are some fun project days!! :-D

Smiles! Becca said...

Um Crush not cush.Lol..... I do love bossing you around!hahahahah. LOVE what you have done so far!

jodybob said...

thanks, Jan. The runner has color issues--the last round doesn't pop the geese, but it's mine and I can live with it!
Sorry Bec--I'll change cush's name to Crush!!