Wednesday, December 3, 2008


posting after a long week.

Thanksgiving was quiet--only the youngest man child and an older couple from church were here. DH outdid himself again with the meal--I did contribute an awesome yam casserole.

On the quilty front I quilted and bound a lap size for the shop--pics to follow after it is up and displayed. And I'm almost done binding my SIL Christmas gift--a wall hanging:

She raises koi in Houston, so she SHOULD like it! Even DH was impressed with my quilting job--mainly I think because I was sweating it!

Put DH on the plane this morning, so the next two days will be spent in the studio--I have a class to teach Thursday night (we'll see how that works out since I've never done that before and teaching is NOT one of my gifts!) By the way, Becca, let's hear about your Monday night class!!

Ok, I'm off to play!


Smiles! Becca said...

The quilting is PERFECT. Good job!

Anonymous said...

It is beautiful!!!! She is going to love it!!!!!

jodybob said...

Thanks, you two. All I can say is "She'd better!!"

Aunt Pitty Pat's said...

What A fantastic Quilt.... Beautiful!!!
I would also like to point out that ..... I am glad you made it home safe after your horrific journey home in the blizzard!!!!
Thanks for coming by.... I am always happy to put a smile on one's face...
P.S. I am still very amazed at that wonderful quilt :) Stunning!!!!

jodybob said...

Thank you, thank you ,(blushing!) You are too kind!