Sunday, November 1, 2009

As per your request

here are the pictures of my buying spree! The curves book and template look extremely intriguing. the FQs are for 2 grommet purses and the buttons were bought because.... . The wild fabric in the 2nd pic is for a purse and the four green/pink ones for another apron (imagine that!!) the fabric and FQ groups are for Yellow Brick Roads (I've never made one!) for gifts and the red and green batiks, the batiks between the yellow brick roads and the other pile are stash enhancers. There you have it!


Turtles In North Dakota said...

oooooooooh I have just melted into a green puddle of goo. I luuuuv it all!

BTW your goodies are winging their way to Alaska right nowÜ.I dont know how Jers going to get them to you but atleast he will get them to Kenai!

Anonymous said...

Oh it's beautiful!! Every last bit of it!!!! I may have to make it my wallpaper for my desktop LOL It does look like you had a very good time!!