Monday, January 16, 2012

# 2

is finished and # 3 just needs the hand sewing of the binding and it will be done!  I've also quilted a large lap for a local charity.  Have you ever done one on a longarm that doesn't have enough backing?!?  I will NEVER not measure a back again!!  (I usually only quilt for myself, so I know the size of my backings---more than needed!!)
But it is done, albeit, creatively at the last edge.

I am seriously considering changing Gertrude's name to Henrietta, which was my previous longarm's name.  I keep calling her by it, so might as well make it official.  There, I've decided...Henrietta it is!

Next on my list to quilt is a queen size for a dear friend.  I've had the thing for awhile (I'm too ashamed to tell you how long--let's just say I need to iron the top and backing before loading!) and she's waited patiently enough!  I will post a photo of it on Henrietta--it is gorgeous and she likes feathers, so will use a feather type panto I used for the first time on the charity quilt.


Turtles In North Dakota said...

LOVE it! I also like the name change. :)....I have 3 to go on Gracie this week. But woke up with a bad cold (Jers fault) so today played on Facebook and Pinterest.....Sigh.Lazy girl

Roslyn said...

Yes I have unfortunately had a couple of quilts that ran out of backing on the LA, not mine of course! I USUALLY measure carefully but couple have slipped under the radar & what a bummer! Ack, take it off add a strip, re attach & quilt yuck. These days I measure twice or more, don't ever want to be caught short again, Jody.

Grandma said...

Hi Jody, I hope that wasn't one of the charity quilts that I gave you. Sorry about that if it is. We usually make sure there is enough backing but you just never know. Anyway, thanks for doing those for us. Miss you. Diane