Saturday, April 11, 2009

Spring Stroll

Join me on a journey in my neck of the woods!! The clump to your right is my beautiful bleeding heart---use your imagination!! The tracks in the snow lend a nice, warming touch.

The story behind Floyd and Florence Flamingo goes like this:: Floyd was tired of Florence' continual nagging and decided to take off for Florida for the winter and let her stew in the snow by herself. She would get very lonely and decide to treat him nicer when he returned. However, before he could implement his plan, a moose knocked him off his legs!! Of course, Florence couldn't help him cuz she didn't know he was buried under all that snow. Sadly, as the snow melted and she saw him laying there, legless, she hardened her heart and left the feckless, faithless male there!! The End.


Anonymous said...

ROTFLOL Thanks for the tour! I hope Florence finds a nice flamingo fried :-)

Turtles In Alaska said...

Rotflol! Better then what i thought had happened! I thought for sure he had left her for a couple of flirty young cranes!