Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Heading south

that would be me, not Florence or Floyd!! I will be visiting my sister for 2 weeks.
So today I am washing clothes, packing, stopping the mail, giving the house key to a friend so she can water plants AND I made an apron for a swap that is due this weekend, and delivered it to Becca!! What are the chances of me getting her as a partner for 2 different swaps at the same time!! poor thing, this time i wasn't so pleased with the results but she loves me anyway!! So I didn't take a picture as I ran it from the sewing machine straight to her house.
I will check in once in a while, I hope, but Kim will keep me busy! See you when I get back.


Turtles In Alaska said...

I LOVE my apron. Ok now bee good, wear clean underwear, dont talk with gum in your mouth, and DONT do anything I WOULD do.Lol.Have fun fun fun!

Jody said...

I will, thanks!! And I don't chew gum--it drives me crazy--I know, short trip! Keep your blog updated so I know what's going on!! I'll try to do the same, but as Lydia says, we traveling (married) women are much to busy to write, but you can since you have nothing better to do!!!

Anonymous said...

Hope your trip is awesome! Send me your snail mail. You won!! :-)