Saturday, February 14, 2009

Weekend doings

This apron was done Thursday
Now on to a shop sample. My employer gave me today off since DH is home and it's Valentine's Day---and I'm gonna hole up in my studio!! The Man Child took us out to dinner Thursday night for DH's birthday (which was last month while they were both on the Slope), so I think we'll count it as Valentine's dinner too and have leftovers tonight. Unless DH cooks (which is normal in this house--he's much better at it than I AND likes to--which is more than I can say about me!!) OK, off the computer and out to the studio.


Jan said...

Oh Jody! That apron is adorable! Great job getting the cup centered on the top one!! That had to take some planning!! I'm still dreaming of that day alone in the studio... with a husband who cooks.... you are one lucky woman!!! :-D

Jody said...

Thanks, Jan. And don't I know it!! I do not take DH for granted and am very thankful for him!!