Monday, February 16, 2009

Becca's giveaway apron

is going to....(drum roll, please!)....Jan. However, I reserve the right to pick which apron since I didn't win--what's up with that?!? You'd think I could have rigged it or something!! Oh, all right, quit whining Jan, and let Becca know which apron you would like her to send you.


Anonymous said...

Really???!!!!! WAY COOL!!!! Thank you Jody!!! :-D And Becca!! :-D Happy dancing over to my email ;-)

Jody said...

Luck of the draw, girl! I want to see photos of you modeling it (and you don't have to go to the hair stylist first!!)

Anonymous said...

ROTFLOL OK! I'll even take off my granny glasses ;-) I'm so excited!!