Monday, March 3, 2014

Design Wall Monday

Well, it's only been a month....!! Went to our guild retreat in Homer and actually did some sewing (unlike some others I won't mention by name!). This was our mystery--Lake Clark by Grace L. I love it and will be doing more of the pattern, which if you know me is not a common occurrence. There are too many wonderful patterns to try out and sew little time!
I did mine with Asian, batiks and Jinny Beyer fabrics. There were kids, brights, florals, and everything else you could think of and they all looked great. Just have the borders to do--and I am about a quarter yard short of the last border fabric, so it won't be a wide as called for---have to make do. And will bind it in the red. Still have to re-tension Henrietta---I am very good at procrastination!

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