Tuesday, April 24, 2012

I'm off

to a crafters retreat at our church camp.  I have 4 projects , sewing machine and assorted necessary stuff packed and ready to go.  Just have to fill the car with gas and get it washed (DH will be home Thursday night while I'm still retreating---I'll be there til Sat. noon).  The camp director is gonna fetch DH from the airport for me.  He has done that in the past.
Speaking of him---his 4 oldest children are the ones I just made quilts for and as a thank you, they took me to Coldstone for ice cream.  I have a new love----cake batter ice cream is to die for!!!
Better get moving---I am coming home at night to sleep in my own comfy bed (I live 3 miles from camp!) so will hopefully post some pictures---if I don't fall asleep!

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