Monday, October 31, 2011


and I think I'll live.  Some guy hacked and coughed right behind me all the way from Seattle, and he won.  I've been sick since Tuesday and today I'm finally feeling a little better.  needless to say, no quilting has been done:( or housework!  I did do some ironing --two shirts, rest 15 minutes, two shirts, rest.....I hate not having any energy!  I like feeling good when I do nothing! So I'll try to get my house in a semblance of order today..........

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Roslyn said...

Oh no it's horrid to come home from a visit, sick,Jojo the pits!
Do hope you are better now.
What size is this latest quilt? I think I made one with the same block a long time ago but I used different colors rather than a monitone. Nice, easy & effective block.