Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Mama Mia

apron is on its way--no picture until whats-her-face receives it--but it looks very summery!!
On the home front, I had to mow the lawn today--about 1/2 acre, but before you feel too sorry for me, I used the riding mower my sweet DH bought me. When the serving units (also known as sons) moved out, he knew I wouldn't do it other wise and in the 2 weeks he's at work the lawn COULD grow enough to hide all kinds of things!! So I mounted Horatio and away we went!!


Anonymous said...

Yes, love my riding tractor with cup holder... so far I haven't talked anyone into the pretty pink sun shade yet ;-)

Jody said...

A pink shade would clash with Horatio--he's bright orange!! And when the sun shines, no way do I want shade!! I'll have to see if I have a cup holder, tho......(You can tell I don't ride him very often!!)

Melinda Cornish said...

Hey Jody! It's whats her face here to say thanks for the wonderful apron and package!!! I love the colors and it does look just like summer!!! The cd is awesome too...cant wait to listen to it while I wear my apron!!!!! Melinda